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Apply styles

Nebo allows you to customize text styles on a regular page. Here's how:


  1. Write the word or sentence to be titled.
  2. Tap to select it, then tapand select H1.


  1. Write the word or sentence for the subtitle.
  2. Tap to select it, then tapand select H2.


  1. Select the Highlighter from the pen toolbar.
  2. Choose the desired color from the palette.
  3. Highlight your text, either handwritten or typed.
  4. To change the highlight color, select a new color and re-highlight. Use non-color to remove the highlight.

Apply Color:

  1. Prior to writing, select a color from the pen tab.
  2. Start writing.

Change Color:

  1. Choose a color from the pen toolbar.
  2. Underline the text three times quickly to change its color.

Remove Custom Colors:

  1. Go to Settings in the side panel.
  2. Tap Restore colors in the Writing section.


  1. Select the Eraser from the pen toolbar.
  2. Long-press or double-tap the icon for more options.
  3. Choose Stroke to erase whole text strokes, or Precise for precise erasure.
  4. Select nib size for the eraser's effect area.

Customize font size and line-height to enhance reading and writing comfort.

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