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Export a single page or multiple pages

To export a single page on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, follow the steps below:

  1. In the top right of your screen, tap the three-dot menu icon.
  2. Select Export from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Format in the pop-up menu and then choose the format you want to export in (text, PDF, Word, or Nebo).
  4. In the pop-up menu, you can also change or edit the name of the file you are exporting.
  5. Choose the application you want to export your page with.
  6. The selected application will take over from here, follow its instructions to finish your export.

Exporting multiple pages at once

  1. Open the notebook containing the pages you would like to export.
  2. Tap ... in the upper right-hand corner of the page. A menu displays.
  3. Select Export to export the entire notebook, or Select pages to export specific pages.
  4. If exporting specific pages, tap to select each page you want to export. A blue checkmark displays on selected pages. Tap a page again to deselect it. 
  5. Tap Export in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select Format. A menu displays, showing the available export formats.
  7. Select the required format.
  8. Switch Combine into one file on to export the pages as a single file. If you select this option, you can customize the name of the exported file. Alternatively, switch Combine into one file off to export each page individually. If you select this option, the exported files will be named according to their respective file names.
  9. Select Export. Another menu displays, showing available export destinations.
  10. Select a destination app or location on your device. The selected page will be exported to your chosen destination.

About the export formats

Text: Export your page as text if you want to use your written content in any other app that supports plain text format. When you do so, all handwritten content is exported as typeset (also called print).

PDF: PDF format allows you to export all your content (diagrams, maths, images, text, drawings), with your text converted into typeset. You can search your exported PDF document with keywords and make annotations and highlighter markups.

Word (.docx): Use this format to open your page in any app that supports .docx format. All your content is kept (diagrams, math, text, images) and editable. Handwritten text is transformed into typeset. Exporting to Word requires Windows 7 or higher.

Nebo (.nebo): Use this format if you need to share your Nebo note with Nebo support or with friends and colleagues who also have access to the Nebo app. Nebo (.nebo) files can only be opened in the Nebo app.

All these format options are available for page export only (notebooks are always exported as .nebo files).

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