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Nebo AI beta - FAQ

What do I need to test Nebo AI beta?

If you're interested in trying out the beta for Nebo AI, there are a few requirements:

  • A compatible Apple device (iPad, iPhone) with Nebo installed
  • A free MyScript account: MyScript account
  • An internet connection

While Nebo's handwriting recognition technology works offline without any internet connection, you will need to be online to take full advantage of the additional Nebo AI capabilities.

How much does Nebo AI cost?

During the initial beta phase, you can use Nebo AI features for free. However, once the beta period ends and the final version is released, Nebo AI will transition into a stand-alone paid service. It's important to note, though, that Nebo AI will remain an optional add-on, separate from Nebo's full version.

I’m using Nebo’s free version, can I test Nebo AI?

Yes, Nebo AI beta features are available for all users, regardless of whether you're using Nebo's free version or the full version. You just need to make sure you meet all the necessary requirements as listed above.

Is Nebo AI usage unlimited?

During Nebo AI's beta phase, there are certain usage limits in place to ensure everyone gets a chance to test Nebo AI features for free. If you get a notification indicating you've hit your quota, set Nebo AI aside for some time and try again later. Once the final version of Nebo AI is released, you will have options to remove these usage limits.

Can I use Nebo AI with all types of content?

At present, you can use Nebo AI beta features on text across all your pages (Notes, Documents, imported PDFs). 

Is Nebo AI available for use in all countries?

The availability of Nebo AI beta is dependent on OpenAI's supported regions. For a complete list of compatible countries and territories, please refer to OpenAI’s support website.

Will Nebo AI be available on other platforms?

Presently, the beta testing phase is exclusive to iOS users. We are actively gathering feedback from iOS users and intend to broaden our reach to encompass other platforms, such as Android, in a future release (Please note: The precise date for the Android beta release remains undecided at this time).

Does Nebo AI respect my data privacy?

We place great importance on data privacy. Our in-house developed AI for handwriting recognition operates offline, ensuring your data remains securely stored and never leaves your device.

We absolutely do not collect data for training our AI algorithms without your explicit consent and neither does our contractor, OpenAI. Any data you directly input into Nebo's generative AI features is sent to OpenAI and may be monitored for a period of 30 days in order to identify abuse. It is not used to train their algorithm. If you do not use the Nebo’s generative AI features, no data is sent to OpenAI. For an in-depth understanding of how your data is handled in this process, please refer to OpenAI's data privacy information.

How does Nebo AI compare to ChatGPT?

The capabilities of Nebo AI greatly exceed those of ChatGPT. Nebo AI is tailored for practical and daily needs such as explaining complex terms, or summarizing large chunks of content. Moreover, because Nebo AI functions directly within your notes, it understands the surrounding context of your questions to offer smart and accurate answers. To top it all, you can trigger and use Nebo AI features without having to put down your pen, all thanks to Nebo's world-leading handwriting technology. Once you start using it, you'll see firsthand why it outshines ChatGPT.


Nebo AI beta feedback

The Nebo AI beta marks a significant milestone in our innovation journey. As we work towards enhancing and fine-tuning this initial feature set, your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. We welcome your insights and experiences to assist us in shaping the ultimate version of Nebo AI that caters to your requirements optimally.

You can Submitting a support ticket, please ensure to include "Nebo AI Beta Feedback" in the title/subject field.

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